Young Women’s Dream Your World into Being

The world is as we dream it.

We can dream nightmares, or we can dream great dreams.  We can stay stuck in “what is” or we can imagine and manifest what can be.

The Young Women’s Dream Your World into Being project develops empowered dreamers among young women and girls who will envision, create, and manifest positive change in their lives, their communities and their world.

Did you know that gender equality in the workplace isn’t expected to be achieved until 2065?  Or that women remain in far fewer leadership roles in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations than do men? Or that young girls continue to have less access to education than boys?


In dreaming terminology we speak of nightmares and how to transform them.  One of today’s nightmare realities is one of gender inequality.  Those limits are everyone’s limits – until women are given the tools to dream, and bring their dreams into manifested being, the world is missing out on an entire group of problem-solving capabilities and talents.

We cannot move forward as a society by continually doing what has been done before.  We have global problems that must be solved globally – from every participant; female and male.  We believe that enabling young women to find the tools they already possess inside in their innate abilities to dream, envision, and create solutions is essential for resolving the issues facing us today.  Shepherding them in creating manifest projects from their dreaming teaches them that they can do it and lets them see themselves as equal contributors to our world, creating powerful, entitled voices.

The Great Dream

Girls don’t yet know the adult world of “Can’t”.  We work so that they never do.

Teaching young women how to look inside and find their inner vision, truth, and ability to contribute is teaching them how to dream.  Creating powerful female dreamers addresses the nightmare of imbalance, and brings new visions into the world at large.



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