2017 Conference Recordings

Jane Austin: Waymaking
‘Waymaking’ is the ancient Polynesian art of navigating across the seas using the language of birds, wind, water and stars to find new land. In the 21st century we can become our own Waymakers by learning to use the language of dreaming, synchronicity and intuition to investigate personal, community and global problems and map the solutions through new ideas and creative works.

Jane Austin is an Australian award winning art maker, film maker, writer and producer who combines her love of film, illustration, dance and written text with her passion for dreaming. She is currently an Academic Coordinator at NAISDA Dance College, Sydney, supporting the development of an innovative arts-based curriculum for Indigenous students.

Sara Rahim: Moving from Dialogue to Action: How to use diversity as a tool for good
This presentation will offer an introduction into the values of interfaith cooperation, and how we can channel religious and ethnic diversity as a tool for good, rather than division.

Sara Rahim is a Youth Representative to the United Nations for Parliament of the World’s Religions. She sits on the Advisory Council of Grassroot Diplomat, One America Movement, and the Sanctuaries, a spiritually diverse arts collective in Washington D.C.

Lara Owen: Menstrual Dreaming
This talk explores how confidence, creativity, and insight are related to the menstrual cycle. Moving beyond shame and suppression to embracing and knowing the cycle can be key to self-development and self-healing. This journey into menstrual dreaming empowers women, not only personally but also as global citizens and positive activists.

Lara Owen is recognized internationally for her pioneering work on the menstrual cycle. She is the author of Her Blood Is Gold: Awakening to the Wisdom of Menstruation.

Joe Sudbay: Vote Your World into Being
Every day, elected officials make decisions that impact your future and some of those decisions are profound – about your bodies, your environment, your equality. Not participating in the electoral process cedes power to them. Learn how and why young women can dream their future, and then shape their futures by participating and showing up.

Joe Sudbay has been involved in politics and activism for over 30 years. He has worked on issues including LGBT equality, immigration and labor issues, and was one of five bloggers to conduct the first-ever sit-down interview with President Obama.

Rabbi Alyson Solomon: Wrestling in our Dreams
Are you a wrestler? You are not alone. Most of the greats are wrestlers. We will look at stories and imagery from Torah to see how our wrestling and dreams guide our path and give us strength to awaken the dawn.

Rabbi Solomon has lived and created stone sculpture in Zimbabwe, interned at the United Nations, served as Ruth Messinger’s assistant, then President of American Jewish World Service in New York, and wrote the business plan for NuRoots.org, while serving as a VP at the Jewish Federation and Street Rabbi in Venice. Rabbi Solomon currently serves as Associate Rabbi at Beth Israel in San Diego.

Anne Baring: In the Beginning was the Dream
All ancient civilizations of which we have record as well as shamanic cultures to this day have given the highest value to the Dream. Dreams were recognized and revered as communications coming to the human community from the Divine Ground of the Cosmos. Nothing was more important to them than honoring the guidance of the visionary dream so they could align the life of their communities with that Divine Ground and correct any deviation from harmony with it. Today, in a secular world that has forgotten the importance and significance of the Dream, they can still speak to us if we learn to pay attention to them, can still change the course of people’s lives, as one did the course of mine.

Anne Barring is a Jungian analyst and author and co-author of 7 books. Her most recent book (2013) is The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul. The ground of all her work is a deep interest in the spiritual, mythological, shamanic and artistic traditions of different cultures. Her website is devoted to awakening to a new vision of reality and the challenges facing us at this crucial time of choice.

Adam Switala: Music-The Ancient Art of Sharing Meaningful Time
The strong relationship between music and time makes it a very powerful tool for awakening the awareness of being “in the moment.” What is even more unique about making music together is that it can make us share this experience.

Adam Świtała is a musician, composer, lecturer, workshop facilitator and researcher, President of the Polish Association for Music Education (PSEiAM), and Board Member of the Polish Music Council. His work as a composer and improviser includes notable co-operations with “Zachęta” National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, the University of Chichester Music Department, PWST University – Kraków, Dance Department. He has facilitated workshops for children and adults, including “Dream Up! Fighting against social exclusion through the art practice” – an innovative international project directed by BNP Paribas Foundation.

Jagoda Gandziarowska: Why Do We Need Smart Girly Magazines?”
Co-founder of “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” Foundation, dedicated to empowering girls and creating a stereotype-free environment, mainly through the publication of a magazine of the same name.

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