2017 Conference Presenters

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Katie Jennings, United States

Bringing Your (Video) Story to Life – 10/28/2017, 7 PM Central Europe

What’s your story? What are the details that make it real for viewers, and why should they care? Katie walks you through the video production process, including: listening for a juicy topic, identifying real-life “characters,” organizing shoots, and capturing the video/ audio you need to edit a compelling short film.

Katie Jennings is creative director and documentary filmmaker at New Canoe Media, where she works with artists, scientists, elders and educators to make sure their essential stories make it to the screen. A multiple Emmy award-winner, international film festival participant and public television executive producer, she currently works from her independent studio on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington. Katie has practiced dreaming and imagery work since 2010.



Shree Bose, United States

Change the Dialogue: Changing the Culture for Girls in STEM – 10/28/2017, 8PM Central Europe

My presentation is about my experiences being a woman as both a young scientist and an entrepreneur. As the grand prize winner of the first Google Global Science Fair and the co-founder of Piper, a tech company creating electrical engineering toys for kids, I walk through the reasons I think we have hope for the future but still more progress to be had.

Shree is a current MD/PhD student at Duke University School of Medicine and a recent Harvard graduate, majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She was the grand prize winner of the first Google Global Science Fair in 2011 for her work with drug resistance in ovarian cancer. She is also a dedicated STEM education advocate, which led her to create Piper, a Minecraft toolbox for aspiring engineers and has garnered recognition as one of Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College Women of 2015. Read more about her at shreebose.com.


Igniting the Menstrual Movement: Celebrating and Serving Menstrual Health with PERIOD – 10/28/2017, 4 PM Central Europe

After her own family’s experience with housing stability in 2013, Co-Founder and President of PERIOD Nadya Okamoto discovered a silenced yet incredibly pervasive issue affecting those in the shelters: menstrual health. The people Nadya spoke with, who already felt incredibly vulnerable, did not feel confident, comfortable or clean because of this egregious need. With that, PERIOD was born. In just the past 4 years, PERIOD has addressed over 137,000 periods, established 100 registered campus chapters around the globe, and donated $15,000 to menstrual hygiene research. At PERIOD, we strive to celebrate, serve, and redefine periods so that everyone can live a life of dignity and wellness.

Nadya Okamoto, United States

Nadya Okamoto is a 19-year-old sophomore at Harvard College. She is the Founder and Executive Director of PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement. (Period.org), a global nonprofit that provides and celebrates menstrual health through service, education, and advocacy. The organization does this by distributing period products around the world, engaging youth leadership through a global network of period products, and pushing for social and systemic change towards menstrual equity. She is also the co-Founder and spokesperson for E Pluribus (eplur.org) a post-partisan media platform encouraging young people to engage in discourse and take action on issues they truly are about. This year, she is running for Cambridge City Council (votenadya.com), a position in local government.

Eudora Olsen, United States

Eudora is a recent graduate of Harvard College and will be working for PERIOD as National Programs Director for the next year at their headquarters in Portland, Oregon. As the fastest growing youth-run non-profit in women’s health, PERIOD empowers and inspires youth around the world to educate, advocate, and serve in the menstrual movement. As a leader for PERIOD, Eudora is passionate about women’s health and plans to attend medical school to continue advocating for and serving those in need.

Twitter: @periodmovement
Facebook: @periodmovement
Instagram: @periodmovement
Youtube: “PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement”


Lara Owen, Australia

Menstrual Dreaming – 10/27/2017, 11 AM Central Europe

This talk explores how confidence, creativity, and insight are related to the menstrual cycle. Moving beyond shame and suppression to embracing and knowing the cycle can be key to self-development and self-healing. This journey into menstrual dreaming empowers women, not only personally but also as global citizens and positive activists.

Lara Owen is recognized internationally for her pioneering work on the menstrual cycle. She is the author of Her Blood Is Gold: Awakening to the Wisdom of Menstruation, and gives presentations and takes part in events on menstruation internationally. Originally from the UK, Lara is now based in Melbourne where she is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Management at Monash University Business School. Her current research is focused on two areas of menstrual organization: menstrual workplace polices and menstrual cups. Lara does consulting for non-profits, social enterprises, and corporations, and her main focus these days is on developing accommodation for women regarding menstruation and menopause in the workplace.

Facebook: laraowenwriter
Web: laraowen.com 
Instagram: larabella99
Twitter: @laraowen


Sara Rahim, United States

Moving from Dialogue to Action: How to use diversity as a tool for good – 10/28/2017, 12 Noon Central Europe

This presentation will offer an introduction into the values of interfaith cooperation, and how we can channel religious and ethnic diversity as a tool for good, rather than division. Inspired by Marshall Ganz’s framework for “Telling Your Public Story” Sara will walk you through how to develop your own interfaith narrative, and put your ideas into action. This is based on a three part framework of voicing your values, engaging with others across diverse traditions, and acting upon those values for the common good. This presentation is for anyone asking big questions about how to mobilize diverse groups in your community to take action on critical issues.

Sara Rahim is a Youth Representative to the United Nations for Parliament of the World’s Religions. She sits on the Advisory Council of Grassroot Diplomat, One America Movement, and the Sanctuaries, a spiritually diverse arts collective in Washington D.C. She has spoken prominently about the role of interfaith cooperation to institutions across the United States and Europe, including at the United Nations. Sara has implemented programs in refugee health education, interfaith engagement, and youth literacy in Europe and the Middle East. Sara has worked in refugee resettlement at World Relief, and with Interfaith Youth Core, coaching students to be leaders of interfaith action. Sara is currently a Masters ​​of Public Policy candidate at the University of Chicago, specializing in international development and global health.


Ishita Katyal, India

The Power of the Present Moment and the Future World for Girls – 10/28/2017, 3 PM Central Europe

A girl’s life can be a topsy turvy ride with lots going on. Despite that, in all walks of life, girls are always expected to look at the world with calm eyes and good temper.  A girl of strong purpose with a fighting spirit is perceived to be out of place.  In order to fit in, many girls carry the burden of remaining hidden in their lives. It is now time to completely let go. In my presentation, I will share examples and methods for girls to live fully in the present moment and stand for what they believe in.

Ishita Katyal is an 12 year old author and motivational speaker who has presented at the prestigious global TED conference in Vancouver, TEDYouth, TEDxGateway, Goafest 2017, NASSCOM and several other events.  Ishita’s message to children is that they don’t have to wait to be an adult to follow their passion.  She encourages parents to help their children discover and fearlessly explore their creative interests.  At the age of 8, Ishita authored Simran’s Diary making her one of the youngest authors in India.  In her free time, Ishita likes to write, dance, sing, play basketball and read.

Website: ishitakatyal.com
Facebook: Ishita-Katyal
Youtube: Ishita Katyal
Instagram: katyal_ishita


Anne Baring, United Kingdom

In the Beginning was the Dream – 10/26/2017, 5 PM Central Europe

In the beginning was the Dream. All ancient civilizations of which we have record as well as shamanic cultures to this day have given the highest value to the Dream. Dreams were recognized and revered as communications coming to the human community from the Divine Ground of the Cosmos. Nothing was more important to them than honoring the guidance of the visionary dream so they could align the life of their communities with that Divine Ground and correct any deviation from harmony with it. Today, in a secular world that has forgotten the importance and significance of the Dream, they can still speak to us if we learn to pay attention to them, can still change the course of people’s lives, as one did the course of mine.

Anne Barring is a Jungian analyst and author and co-author of 7 books. Her most recent book (2013) is The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul. The ground of all her work is a deep interest in the spiritual, mythological, shamanic and artistic traditions of different cultures. Her website is devoted to awakening to a new vision of reality and the challenges facing us at this crucial time of choice. www.annebaring.com


Payton Bordley, US/Japan

“To the Man That Asked About My Blood Quantum” – 10/26/2017, 1 PM Central Europe

Payton will share her poem, “To the Man That Asked About My Blood Quantum,” a piece that responds to the question that Native people know all too well: “What percentage Native American are you?” She will then speak about her experience living as a mixed-race Native woman, the politics of blood quantum, and the ways that writing has helped her define her own identity.

Payton Bordley currently currently resides in Tokushima, Japan where she teaches English through the JET Programme – a program aimed at promoting grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2016 with a BA in Creative Writing. Payton is an enrolled member of the Skokomish Tribe, a published poet, Generation Indigenous Youth Ambassador, and the former Racial Equity Liaison for the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching piano lessons, reading fiction, and spending time with her family.

Instagram: @PaytonBordley


Zeba Bakhtiar, Pakistan

If you can dream it, you can make it happen – 10/27/2017, 1 PM Central Europe

Zeba will speak about her life through a labyrinth of dreams and nightmares.  She grew up with dreams and nightmares continually wrestling with each other and through patient awareness and introspection she has realized that they can knock each other out, thus pushing the nightmares off the cliff and letting the dreams thrive.  She has found that the most important thing in life is to do what your heard connects with.  When you find the path of your passion and dreams, your journey opens up and the way finds itself for you.   After 51 years of rebelling against almost anything and challenging social norms that were thrust upon her by conservative eastern society, Zeba has realized that her rebellion really didn’t do her much good. Without it she could have still achieved all that she wanted. She has learned that there is always a way to make things happen the way you want them to, provided you are prepared to put in the effort and the patience.

Zeba Bakhtiar has been a prominent figure in Pakistani and Indian media since 1988.  She has worked in Pakistan, India and England in film and television as an actor, producer, director, concept and script developer with two production companies of her own. At present, Zeba is working on reviving her family real estate development business in Baluchistan, the most under-developed and troubled province of Pakistan, in the hope of bringing social betterment and job creation to the area.  Zeba is a strong advocate for the rights of women and children.  She is honorary President for Pakistan’s first ever women’s football club and supports women’s empowerment and career development.


Clothes Without Limits, United States

How Clothes Talk – 10/28/2017, 2 PM Central Europe
Have you ever given any thought to what your clothing says about who you are or who you can be?  We tell kids they can be whatever they want. Do their clothes send a different message? Clothes Without Limits and its 13 independent companies were founded by parents who questioned what the stereotypical messages on kids clothing were saying to their own children.  The entrepreneurs behind each company are all parents who began making children’s clothing because they felt the narrow selection of childrenswear available at mainstream retailers put limits on their children’s imaginations – and they decided to do something about it!

Clothes Without Limits is a professional consortium o13 independent childrenswear companies that challenge gender clichés in children’s clothing. We stand united in our belief that “the options they see show them who they can be.”



Rabbi Alyson Solomon, United States

Wrestling in Our Dreams – 10/26/2017, 6 PM Central Europe
Are you a wrestler? You are not alone. Most of the greats are wrestlers. We will look at stories and imagery from Torah to see how our wrestling and dreams guide our path and give us strength to awaken the dawn.


Rabbi Alyson Solomon is passionate about Judaism as a vibrant wisdom tradition and technology of meaning-making. She sees spirituality as asking questions that matter and then living courageously in line with what we hear. Rabbi Solomon graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Occidental College in Los Angeles and studied International Diplomacy & Human Rights. As a Richter International Fellow she studied the Bene Israel Jews of India. She lived and created stone sculpture in Zimbabwe, interned at the United Nations, served as Ruth Messinger’s assistant, then President of American Jewish World Service in New York, and wrote the business plan for NuRoots.org, while serving as a VP at the Jewish Federation and Street Rabbi in Venice. Her first pulpit was at Congregation B’nai B’rith in Santa Barbara. Rabbi Solomon currently serves as Associate Rabbi at Beth Israel in San Diego and runs her own coaching and consulting practice, thisisRAS.com. Subscribe to her vlog of salt-beach, inspired Torah – http://www.thisisras.com/blog.

Instagram: thisisrabbiras
Facebook: thisisras1



Federica Fiore, Italy / Germany

OMG! I’m giving birth! – 10/26/2017, 2 PM Central Europe

What if you were born in a peaceful, pleasurable, sexual atmosphere? What if Birth was something to celebrate, plan like a first date? What if Birth was an opportunity to grow spiritually and sexually? What if the way we give birth could change the way people experience Love? What if the way we give birth could change societies, bodies, sexuality? I’m passionate about the act of giving birth, and I dream a world with no fear of birth pain, with loving and empowering birth experience.

Federica is a healing practitioner, performer, and mother of two wonderful children. She runs tutgut – Zentrum für Bewegung and Heilkünste in Berlin where she practices homeopathy and gives seminars about conscious sexuality, labor and birth. She combines her experience with conscious sexuality, healing processes, dance, and somatic work to research into the body’s potential of ecstasy and pleasure.


Jane Austin, Australia

Waymaking – 10/26/2017, 11 AM Central Europe

‘Waymaking’ is the ancient Polynesian art of navigating across the seas using the language of birds, wind, water and stars to find new land. In the 21st century we can become our own Waymakers by learning to use the language of dreaming, synchronicity and intuition to investigate personal, community and global problems and map the solutions through new ideas and creative works. Join this session to build tools and learn processes to help you shift your focus from using ‘outside’ sources of knowledge to ‘inside’ sources and discover what you know, what you could know, might know and do know.

Jane Austin is an Australian award winning art maker, film maker, writer and producer who combines her love of film, illustration, dance and written text with her passion for dreaming.  She is a member of Dream Network Australia (DNA) and the International  Association for the Study of Dreams(IASD), a graduate of the Assisi Institute’s Jungian Dream Patterning certificate courseand has traveled the world to deepen her dream study.

Her current project is ‘Fable’. Six short experimental films exploring six ‘waymaker’ dreams which helped her to wake up, change direction and navigate her way into a successful creative life. She exhibited ‘Liminal‘, 2016 in the US, Europe, Argentina and Australia. ‘Animus’ was completed in April, 2017. She is currently in pre-production on the third short film, ‘Seed’.

She is currently an Academic Coordinator at NAISDA Dance College, Sydney, supporting the development of an innovative arts-based curriculum for Indigenous students.


 Will Buckner, United States

Closing the Gap – 10/28/2017, 5 PM Central Europe

This presentation will cover needs assessments. A needs assessment is a process that is used to identify and address the gap between current conditions and desired conditions. Participants will learn skills that will help assess needs, and what actions should be taken to accomplish the desired goal.

Will recently graduated from Texas State University where he studied the environment and anthropology. He is volunteering for the Peace Corps and hopes to get a placement abroad next spring. In the future he would like to pursue a career in organic farming. In his free time Will enjoys playing the guitar and key board and writing music.


Magdalena Ziomek-Frackowiak, Germany 

Working in Cooperatives – 10/26/2017, 12 Noon Central Europe

Working as a freelancer in Germany requires a great deal of self-organisation and knowledge outside of the work itself.  The German tax and social security system can feel like a dangerous jungle, especially for foreigners who want start a business. Today, more and more freelancers are looking for new forms of working and supporting each other. One of them is working in a cooperative, allowing freelancers to work in a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise, which serves their common economic, social and culture needs. 

Magdalena Ziomek-Frackowiak studied art history in Poland and Germany. She has a long experience in curating contemporary art exhibitions and currently heads the association agitPolska to promote Polish culture in Germany.

This non-profit association, set up in 2005 seeks to promote Polish culture in Germany and vice versa and does so by offering a platform for young and talented artists to share their work. Reducing prejudice on both sides and encouraging a critical dialogue are two strong ambitions the association carries. Since 2011 she is on the board of the association SMartDe Network for Creatives, leading a project hepldeskservice for intenational mobile artists. Since 2015 she is a CEO of cooperative SMartDe eG, which offers employment for the people in culture field. www.smart-de.org


Steven Wynbrandt, United States

Growing Soil & Spirit: Healing the Living Skin Of The Earth, Myself & Humanity – 10/26/2017, 7 PM Central Europe

After traveling the world for the better part of a decade, Steven returned to his childhood home in Los Angeles, California and decided to grow his own food. He had ambitious visions of transforming his backyard into a thriving urban farm, but his journey would blossom far grander than his wildest dreams – into a passion, profession and life mission. Join Steven as he shares highlights of his story, practical knowledge and inspiration from his adventures in farming, including his specialty: creating a rare and profound product of alchemy – a medicine that holds answers to some of the most critical issues humanity faces. 

Steven Wynbrandt is the founder of Wynbrandt Farms, est. 2009, a mini-farm known for its distinguished compost, signature growing techniques, and both the quality and the quantity of its vegetable production. The mission of Wynbrandt Farms is to arm, educate and inspire people to grow exceptional quantities of the highest quality food, and to provide gardeners, farmers and agricultural professionals with the most fertile, biologically and metaphysically alive compost available. It is Steven’s core conviction that when compost-making is practiced as a high art-form, the result is a profound product of alchemy that holds answers to some of the most critical issues humanity faces, including combating climate change, restoring and elevating the health of the living skin of the earth – the source that sustains us – and transforming human health and vitality.

Facebook: wynbrandtfarms

Instagram: wynbrandtfarms


Jagoda Gandziarowska – Ziołecka, Poland

Why do we need smart girly magazines? – 10/27/2017, 2 PM Central Europe

Why are little girls doomed to magazines about pink ponys? Is pink the only right color for girls? And is space really only for boys? The world is full of stereotypes about men and women, boys and girls. But when you are a girl it’s sometimes really hard to get out of the trap that the only right thing for a girl is to look good and wait for a prince. 60% of kindergarden children are talented in maths, independent of their gender. But then only a small percentage of girls develop their passion in science as teenagers, because the world says it’s not for them. And over ¼ of girls isn’t sure if it’s better to be a boy or a girl. Why? What happens with our girly self assurance and empowerment? I’ll tell you about The KOSMOS magazine for girls – our idea how to help girls develop thier passion and interestets, no matter what the social stereotypes tell us what we should or shouldn’t.

Jagoda Gandziarowska – Ziołecka, one of the founders of the “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” Foundation. A sociologist, entrepreneur and mother of two daughters.The “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” foundation (www.fundacjakosmos.org<http://www.fundacjakosmos.org>) is devoted to empowering girls and creating a stereotype-free environment. Its core activity is publishing the „Kosmos dla dziewczynek” magazine. Jagoda co-creates its content and is active in other activities of the Foundation.

Professionaly Jagoda’s focus is designing game-based soft-skills training programmes in PGS, where she is  a managing partner and co-owner. (www.pracowniagier.com<http://www.pracowniagier.com>.) She is a member of the International Simulation and Gaming Association and was active in its executive board in 2010-2014.


Joe Sudbay, United States

Vote Your World into Being – 10/27/2017, 5 PM Central Europe
Every day, elected officials make decisions that impact your future and some of those decisions are profound – about your bodies, your environment, your equality. Not participating in the electoral process cedes power to them. Learn how and why young women can dream their future, and then shape their futures by participating and showing up.
Joe Sudbay has been involved in politics and activism for over 30 years.  As President of Sudbay Strategies, LLC, Joe works with progressive non-profit organizations, primarily designing and implementing media and political strategies. He has worked on issues including LGBT equality, immigration and labor issues.  Prior to this, Joe served as Deputy Editor of AMERICAblog.com and AMERICAblog Gay and was one of five bloggers to conduct the first-ever sit-down interview with President Obama.


Victoria Hanna, Israel

10/27/2017, 4 PM Central Europe

Vocal artist Victoria Hanna will introduce us to the voice as an instrument to heal the body through resonance and vibrations, and as an extremely significant tool in personal and women’s empowerment. We will experience the meeting of voice and language, understanding that language is a frequency and sound in space, no less than a means of transmitting intellectual information.

Victoria’s work is inspired by ancient Hebrew texts, among them the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation), the earliest Kabbalistic treatise in the world, attributed to the Patriarch Abraham. According to this perspective, the human body and its shape are parallel to much larger structures in the cosmos.  This assumption is fascinating in terms of the relationship between the voice, body, and space.  The voice is sculpted in space by the mouth, and the mouth is the doorway to the body’s inner space, which reverberates with and responds to speech.  The vocal method that Victoria develops in her workshops opens a new window of perception.  Everyday use of the voice and speech reveals itself as a means of physical and emotional healing, strength and empowerment, and, most importantly, leads us to a basic and deep understanding of the source, from which we were created, and that accompanies and anchors us on our journey through life.

Victoria is an international vocal artist, composer, creator, performer and researcher of voice and language. She performs Aramaic hip hop, wild, rhythmic rap on ancient Hebrew texts. She has stuttered since childhood. This inborn speech disability was actually her greatest gift, and what led her to explore the boundaries of sound and diction. She embarked on an inner journey to explore the mouth as creator, which became the inspirational and emotional journey of her life.

Watch this: Victoria Hanna news clip
Facebook: Hoshaana


Agata Nowicka, Poland/United States
Dr. Aleksandra Hirszfeld, Poland

First Polish erotic graphic novel created by a team of female visual artists – 10/27/2017, 6 PM Central Europe

The Being” / “Istota” is an erotic graphic novel, created by a team of female visual artists, first of its kind in Poland and one of still too few in the world! Tired of the continuous objectification of females in popular culture we decided to do it our way. We aim to embrace the femininity in all shapes, sizes and ages and deal with various myths, stereotypes and taboos surrounding female sexuality. Isn’t it weird that many decades after the sexual revolution our conservative society still needs an open discussion about women’s right to explore and express their sexuality without being shamed or harassed? We believe that the answer to the current political events and constant threats to women’s rights is a true female revolution. We want to be in charge of our lives and bodies. We want to reclaim our sexuality while we’re at it! Last but not least – “The Being” is a manifesto for positive sexual energy. Because frankly, we are tired of all the negativity. Sex based on the exchange between free, equal units is a pure energy, and a drive that gives us power to live. So, let’s have some fun (and fundamental human rights!).  Although created by women, this comics book is for everyone. We wrote it with a bunch of talented Polish female artists in mind, including: Agata Bogacka, Ada Buchholc, Eva Juszczuk, Joanna Krótka, Dagmara Matuszak and Katarzyna Borkowska.

Agata Nowicka is an illustrator and comics artist. She has worked for Wysokie Obcasy, Przekroj, The New Yorker, TIME and New York Times. Her works have been featured in Taschen’s Illustration Now!, American Illustration Book and Communication Arts Annual. She currently lives between Warsaw and Brooklyn, NY.

Dr. Aleksandra Hirszfeld is a philosopher working in the filed of artistic and curatorial praxis and in theory of New Media Art. Her work focuses on the mechanisms of micro-activity in the social and cultural tissue (http://hirszalex.art.pl/).  She is an external lecturer in Kozminski University And Warsaw Film School.  She is also an independent journalist collaborating with e.g. “MonitorMagazine”, dwutygodnik.com, artandsciencemeeting.pl. She is  the author of the book “Behind the image. Repetition in audio-visual art.” (Universtias, 2015)


Samuel Chu, United States

Building a Movement of Dreamers – 10/27/2017, 7 PM Central Europe

Creating change begins with our capacity to translate our dreams into actions.  But creating big and lasting change in our increasingly complex world requires more – it requires that we recognize and call forth that same capacity in others and a willingness to dream and act together.  Drawing from community organizing experiences in the US and internationally, including the young people leading the “Dreamers” movement for immigration reform in the US and student leaders in the “Umbrella Movement” pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong, we will learn about how to build movements of dreamers.

Samuel Chu is a nationally recognized organizer for social change.  He directs the national advocacy strategy for MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, where he oversees over 900 synagogue partners and organizes a growing political constituency that has achieved numerous legislative and policy wins at the state and national level, resulting in $8 million in new state funding to provide free school lunch to 62,000 additional low-income students in Minnesota, universal breakfasts for over 4,000,000 students across 1,000 public school campuses in Texas, and improved access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly know as “food stamps”) for thousands of families, seniors, veterans and homeless minors in Pennsylvania, Maryland and California.

Website: www.samuelmchu.com
Facebook: @samuelchupage
Twitter: @samuelmchu


Bonnie Buckner, France/United States

One of the organizers of the conference, Bonnie teaches dreaming to individuals and organizations worldwide.  Read more about her and her approach to dreaming here.

The Great Dream:  The Place of Game-Changing Ideas – 10/25/2017, 4  PM Central Europe

In the ancient world, the process of receiving insight, guidance, and wisdom through night dreams – and by walking the dream in the daytime – was how many ancient people moved themselves to new lands and new, evolved ways of being.  The Great Dream was honored for receiving insight, guidance, and wisdom: their means of creative problem solving.  It is harder to find dreaming in the modern world which quantifies, measures, and counts-as-real only those things that fit into “logic” or “observable.”  But, often, this reliance on “what can be seen” using “what is already known” can hinder us from stepping into something truly new.  In this presentation we will look at how to again use our night dreams – and our daytime dreaming – to leap over problems that we can’t seem to see a way out of and into a place of possibility, imagination, and solution.

Communal Dreaming and Social Change – 10/25/2017,  5 PM Central Europe

There are 2 categories of night dreams:  Resolved and Unresolved.  Resolved dreams are Great Dreams – a message, insight, revelation.  Unresolved dreams are nightmares, busy dreams, or dreams that show us a block, the way out of it, and what is possible once we are there.  Unresolved dreams can be worked with using specific dreaming tools to surmount the block and transform them into a place of resolution.  This same way of looking at and working with night dreams can be used to discern the communal dream that we, as a world, are dreaming into being in our waking lives. Using these dreaming tools we can approach global problems with new perspectives and find new solutions to transform them.


Adam Świtała, Poland

Music – the Ancient Art of Sharing Meaningful Time – 10/26/2017, 4 PM Central Europe

“Music is the only faculty that is not altered by the dream environment, (…) music in dream does not become fragmented, chaotic or incoherent, neither does it decay as rapidly as do the other components of dreams on our awakening.” (Irwing J. Massey)

If we dream a melody, it is almost as if we were actually listening to it – in real time. The strong relationship between music and time makes it a very powerful tool for awakening the awareness of being “in the moment.” What is even more unique about making music together is that it can make us share this experience. When I was a little boy, I suffered from very strong synesthesia which made me literally feel pain because of seeing a certain color or thirst because of hearing a sound. It took me more than two decades to learn how to translate my own experience of the physical world into words. Now, as a composer and teacher, I still think of music as of the avant-garde of communication, the only “language” that actually works without definitions, the truly magical art of sharing.

Adam Świtała is a musician, composer, lecturer, workshop facilitator and researcher, President of the Polish Association for Music Education (PSEiAM), and Board Member of the Polish Music Council. His work as a composer and improviser includes notable co-operations with theatrical directors, actors, dance and performance artists, many theaters, educational and art institutions in Poland, UK and USA, including “Zachęta” National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, the University of Chichester Music Department, PWST University – Kraków, Dance Department. Exploring the field of musical improvisation as a supporting activity for educational processes and music as a social communication practice he has facilitated workshops for children and adults, becoming part of many educational projects, including “Dream Up! Fighting against social exclusion through the art practice” – an innovative international project directed by BNP Paribas Foundation.


ReigningIt: How Two Women Joined Forces to Support Women in STEM – 10/26/2017, 3 PM Central Europe

How did a school counselor and a recruiter on opposite coasts join forces to create a powerful change agent? ReigningIt is working to close the equity and gender gap and encourage equal access to STEM. Join us to learn more about our story!

Angela Cleveland, United States

Angela, M.S.Ed., M.Ed., MA advocates for equity and access to STEM opportunities and consults for that National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)’s Counselors for Computing division, PBS’s SciGirls, and Accepted to School. Angela co-founded ReigningIt, a non-profit dedicated to creating a STEM dialogue inclusive of every woman. Angela’s advocacy has earned her recognition, most recently the “2017 NJ State School Counselor of the Year” award and was featured in Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls blog. In her free time, Angela enjoys writing and is the author of several therapeutic children’s books. Learn more about her: www.angelacleveland.com. Follow Angela on Twitter: @AngCleveland

Saqui Mehta, United States

After starting her career doing research at Harvard University, Saqi found her true calling in Career Counseling at MIT and Harvard Business School.  She then transitioned to University Recruiting in tech and worked at VMWare and The Walt Disney Company.  Saqi lead the University Recruiting team at Square, visiting schools around the country to bring the next generation of talent to the company. Saqi is currently the Associate Director of Employer Relations and Diversity Engagement at Tufts University. She is passionate about all things education, specifically women in tech. Saqi serves on the board of National Tech Diversity Magazine and 500 Miles. As an avid writer she has published articles to The Huffington Post, Daily Muse  and Blavity amongst others.  In any non-typing free time she is an art, interior design, and travel enthusiast. Follow Saqi on Twitter: @CallMeSaqi


Mirosława Kątny, Poland

10/26/2017, 8 PM Central Europe

In her presentation on the work of the Polish Committee for the Rights of Children, Mirosława Kątny reminds us that children are human: small, helpless, but human. Therefore, they need to be respected and their rights to education, care and nourishment honored. Miroslawa will share how her organization was established in response to a recognized need, and how a passionate group of women came together to protect more vulnerable beings.

Mirosława Kątna is a psychologist and pedagogue, specializing in forensic and clinical psychology. In 1981 she co-founded the Children’s Rights Protection Committee and has led its national board since 1992. She has organized numerous projects mainly aimed at protecting the rights of children, and fulfilling the agreements of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Miroslawa previously served on the board for “Nobody’s Children” Foundation, as a government plenipotentiary for children in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, and was a member of the Polish Parliament and a councilor of the Warsaw City Council. She was awarded “Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta” and the “Order of Smile.”


Ewa Zubek, England / Poland

Why travelling is the first step towards dreaming a better world – 10/28/2017, 1 PM Central Europe

Travel can sometimes seem scary, daunting and expensive – especially for young women doing it solo. In this talk, I will shatter some common myths around traveling, give tips on how to travel safely, and tell stories of women who have made travel a sustainable part of their lives. You will walk away feeling excited about the world’s cultures and peoples, and dreaming up your next adventure.

Ewa Zubek was born into a newly democratic Poland, but raised in England, where she studied French and German at the University of Oxford. She has lived in Florence, Berlin, Brussels, London, Warsaw and Singapore.  Ewa has worked at diplomatic institutions and written for international publications including The Huffington Post. After graduating, she became the first Managing Editor of Culture Trip, then a small media start-up, and grew it to a site with several million monthly readers. Now, as Culture Trip’s Social Media Director, Ewa oversees social strategy across the world. Outside of Culture Trip, you can find her travelling, finding creative pursuits and thinking about leadership.

Twitter & Instagram:@evabiankaz



Shanti Suki Osman, Germany

Voicing Up – 10/28/2017, 6 PM Central Europe

In her presentation for Dream Your World, Shanti will address younger participants with an introduction to making electronic music, including a demonstration, tips and project ideas. With a short guide to making beats and mixing music – the session with end with the audience participating in compiling their first track together with Shanti online!

Shanti Suki Osman is an artist, educator and researcher. She works in both school and
extracurricular and uses songwriting, sound art and radio to explore identities, privilege,
cultural commodification and appropriation, feminism and decolonization.  She writes and sings postcolonial feminist electro-pop songs with her Late Nights In Squat Bars band mate Dafne Della Dafne.  In her radio show, Hidden Stories, Suki shares stories and music about activism and arts from ‘the margins.’  Her research includes the empowerment, survival and resistance, and identity construction of women artists of color in the electronic music scene.
Photo by Helin Bereket


Susannah Benson, Australia

Navigating Life Cycles – 10/27/2017, 12 Noon Central Europe

Dreams come in the service of life —weaving together memories, experience, wishes, fears and hopes. Jung wrote: ‘Sometimes, we accomplish our greatest deeds in dreams. Dreams are the guiding words of the soul. Dreams pave the way for life’.

‘Big Dreams’ which can have an anticipatory character often come in times of transition, and have meaning individually and collectively. Such dreams can help to illuminate the pathways we are following by alerting us to conflicts and oppositions, as well as revealing motivations, relationships and new possibilities.

Our current global, economic, political and ecological situation is in a deep state of transition—a tipping point or turning point. To navigate this cycle demands a sense of presence—our own and others, and a deep trust in our shared capacities to meet challenges and co-create new stories and cultural vision.

Susannah Benson (PhD) is an educator and counsellor. She is the founding President of Dream Network Australia (DNA), a non-profit organization established to further the study and interest in dreams and dreaming.  Susannah is the immediate Past-President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), and continues to serve on the Executive and Board. Her research interests are in the areas of dreams, consciousness studies and depth psychological approaches to cultural narratives. Susannah facilitates workshops, leads dreamgroups, seminars, conference programs and participates as an invited speaker. She is the author of the forthcoming article in the ABC-CLIO Encyclopedia on Dreams, on the cultural heritage of dreams in the Western, Eastern and Islamic traditions.


Riley Salyards, Netherlands

Bringing Possibility Into Form – 10/28/2017, 11 AM Central Europe

Creation is a game of tug-o-war. On one side of the rope is your current reality on the other side is your vision of what you want. We will explore the tension between the two sides. The clearer the vision of what you want, the stronger the pull.  As we see see it and feel it in more detail, the vision starts to take form and is pulled from possibility into something more tangible. I  will walk you through the design process I use with women around the world, including finding a source of personal inspiration, making a mood board and generating a clear picture of what you want in order to get really specific about the intention behind your vision.

What happens on the other side of the rope when you feel lost and don’t know what you want. That’s a space we all live in sometimes. What tools can you use as a creator to navigate through not knowing?  How do you know what you want to create/do/make/be when you aren’t inspired? Life isn’t always easy, and sometimes it feels effortless; sometimes our dreams are clear, sometimes they elude us and seem to be hiding.  Let’s explore how to move between these two spaces and understand the wisdom to be gained from both.

Riley is a creative director, photographer, and design consultant living in Amsterdam. Working with clients, NGO’s and artisans around the world, she makes a practice of evolving designs and ideas from concept to creation.

For over a decade, Riley has focused on artisanal processes including textiles (hand embroidery, beadwork, hand knitting, weaving and natural dying) ceramics, and jewelry. She has been a consultant to high-end fashion and home brands as well as development agencies including the UN, with projects in India, Peru, Brazil, Palestine, Central Asia and Europe.

Riley co-founded and designed women ‘s wear brand Jackson, Johnston and Roe in New York City.  She served as a founding member and Creative Director for SPINNA – the women’s international textile alliance and as the lead design consultant for texsTure – a strategy and innovation hub for the textile and fashion industry focused on sustainability.

Wim Jijssen, Netherlands

Death and Dying in Dreams October 27 3pm Central Europe Time (15h)

Death is something we don’t want to think of too much in our (Western) society. We try to focus as much as possible on the living. Dreaming of death and dying often scares us. The dreams are usually very vivid and sometimes they occur to us as nightmares. Yet the death dream actually tells us to look at life and growth. It has important and very ‘living’ things to show and tell us. In this presentation we dive into the death dream, with an actual dream to practice.

Wim Nijssen is an international organisational adviser, coach and trainer. He has a background in business administration and includes dreamwork and family constellations in his work. His focus is on the intuitive, subconscious messages and dynamics that occur during sessions. His key sentence comes from CG Jung: ‘growing is not about becoming a better human being, it’s about being more human’. If you want his attention, just say: personal growth, equality and humor.

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