DYW Quest

Dream Your World offers an impactful response and intervention to building empowered girls and young women. We do this by fostering a recognition of dreaming and the active imagination, cultivating a sense of intrinsic value, providing tools for creative problem solving, and guiding participants through practical steps to turn their inner-vision and in-sights for solving problems into actualized projects.

DYW Quest programs teach participants positive and concrete skills for looking inside, working with what they see, and responding to the necessities they recognize. Our comprehensive curricula take teams through steps to identify a need in the world, engage in in-depth explorations of perspectives surrounding that need, find a creative response, and then manifest that response in tangible, practical, realized projects.

DYW Quest programs can be incorporated into in-school or after-school programs, or as stand-alone for groups and organizations. Curricula are available for various age-groups and durations. We also offer an Adult Quest program for parents, educators, and other change-makers who want to experience the curricula first-hand.

For adults interested in training to become Shepherds (leaders) of a DYW Quest program, please see our Shepherd Training Mentorship program.

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