Our Team

Bonnie Buckner, PhD, author of Dream Your Self into Being, teaches dreaming and imagery techniques for inner development and to stimulate creativity.  Former adjunct lecturer for Fielding Graduate University’s Media Psychology and Social Change program, her academic work centers on the study and use of images as cognitive tools for behavioral change and as the means by which we build communities, society, and culture.  She has worked in national politics, spearheaded numerous community development programs including planting over 300 trees in downtown Los Angeles, and has produced documentary programming and written copy for national ad campaigns.  At the basis of her dreaming work is over 10 years study of a kabbalistic approach to dreaming and imagery.


Anna Nowicka is choreographer and dancer, a SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), MA Choreography / HZT and MA Psychology / Warsaw University graduate. In recent years, based on her long term interest in the work on dreams, imagination and physical actions, she started developing a methodology to be applied to an artistic creation. Her focus lies on questions of imagination and creativity, and the power of an image to expand the body into its’ full transformative potential. She has taught her individual dance practice over an extended time period in Tanzfabrik, Berlin and S.M.A.S.H. performative program. In 2011 Anna’s research has been recognized, and she was awarded the DAAD Prize, followed by the choreographic scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. In 2012 her performance: “fire is raging in your hair” won the 100GRAD Festival in Berlin, and her solo: “the truth is just a plain picture. said bob.” was selected for the Polish Dance Platform, Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, and the Polish-Israeli Dance Platform in Tel Aviv. Anna is a danceWEB (2012) scholarship recipient. She was awarded dance scholarship from the city of Berlin, and she won the Wild Card / Jardin d’Europe residency at the WASP studios. She was chosen as one of ten participants of the PAP – LAFT mentoring program in Berlin. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at the Polish Film School / Acting Department in Lodz, and a practitioner of the School of Images of dr Catherine Shainberg in New York. She is living and working between Berlin and Warsaw.


Renée Palkovsky is from the small town of Whistler, BC, Canada. Having been raised in a community of families, ski junkies, and nature worshipers, she understands not only the significance, but the power it fosters to collectively implement actions that result in change. She has developed communities in all walks of life, cultivating support and growth for individuals. After moving to New York City to study Leadership and Management at New York University, Renée began her practice of dream work for personal development. Throughout her dream work journey, Renée has verified her desire to create a space that provides the tools and support for any and all to transform their lives. “If we are able to individually transform our personal experience, then think of what we can do together as community to transform the world”.


Dana Micklethwait. A transformative trip to communist Russia at age 15 sparked Dana’s interest in culture and travel and gifted her with the liberating realization that so much of how we live is dictated by unquestioned cultural norms, that our way is just one way of many.  Exploring other ways has led to Dana living in a cooperative, working with migrant farm workers, teaching English to Tibetan refugees and traveling through Central America, India, Tibet and Nepal.  Her favorite “job” is mothering her amazing daughter whose questions and observations about gender inequality inspired Dana’s participation in this project.  Dana resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter where they enjoy neighborhood walks, weekend trips to the local farmers’ market and various DIY endeavors.


Aleksandra Osowicz created the website of Young Woman’s Dream Your World Into Being Conference. She graduated in visual art and photography at the Fine Arts University of Wroclaw, Poland in 2010 and in 2012 she completed PEPCC – Choreographic Creation, Dance Research and Training Programme in Forum Dança, Lisbon. For many years, she is developing her interest in the field of visual arts, dance and curatorial work. Her works have been presented in Poland and abroad, among others, in a group exhibition at the “Art in the City” in the tram depot in Wroclaw, as well as individually: “Lost in Translation” at the International Meeting of Dance Theatres (Lublin), “Solo Camp Project” at the Old Brewery New Dance Festival (Poznań), Alkantara Festival (Lisbon), International Triennale of Contemporary Art – PORTIZMIR (Izmir), T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival (Wrocław), Beautifull Movers in Centro de Creación Contemporánea De Andalucía C3A (Cordoba).She is co-author and curator of the innovative Moves Festival in Wroclaw and Festival Z Polski in San Sebastian. She has worked, among others with Wroclove Design – Good Design International Festival and the International Conference of Contemporary Dance in Bytom. Since several years, she is working with Avant Art Festival.


Małgorzata „Mauko” Korczak. Created the Logo for Young Woman’s Dream Your World Into Being Conference. Graduated from graphic design at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Poland. She works in the field of graphic design and art, focusing mainly on print making and large format drawings. She regularly travels to Japan to study calligraphy, sumi-e and nihonga painting. She is one of the 6 authors of the picture book entitled „Puste miejsce przy stole” (“The Empty Place at the Table”), dedicated to the subject of refugees and confrontation with otherness. She has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions, for example: Ratata Festival 2017 (Italy; group exhibition) and Nihon No Nami Festival 2017 (Poland; creative calligraphy solo exhibition).  She always stays curious.

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