Dream Bigger!

Dream Your World is the only program targeted specifically to girls and young women that works directly with dreams and the active imagination, using precise, unique methodology to create engaged civic and global change-makers.

Our Strategy

Solving problems comes by looking within. Working with dreams and the active imagination is a means of creative problem solving where all is possible – unlike rationalism which starts with what is already known and assumed, and sets limits. Dreaming and the active imagination is the space for true innovation. We go in, in order to go out and make change.

Empowerment is knowing “I am capable… I Can.” Through this work of inner-looking, Dream Your World strengthens girls and young women’s relationship with their core Self, creating opportunities for them to discover that they are resourceful from within, that they can rely on themselves, and that they can find solutions to their challenges. Undiscovered inner resources are illuminated and they learn that we are each uniquely creative individuals. This engenders a sense of power, accomplishment, autonomy, and success.

Manifesting projects verifies the inner “I Can.” Our method teaches participants how to identify a need in their community and look inside to find a creative solution in response. Once participants have discovered what is possible, Dream Your World assists them in taking action and guides them through practical steps to manifest solutions into realized projects. Our system provides girls and young woman with the tools and the support to see something through, verifying for themselves their new-found, inner “I Can”. The “I Can” is what makes a difference.

Dreaming is a tool for social change. Dream Your World creates a community of agents of change, facilitating bottom – up transformation. When girls and young women tap into their inner capabilities and creativity they become natural contributors to the world around them. Discovering one’s inner truth develops the capacity to see the truth in others, fostering trust, openness to others, and deep connection to the world. Our steps for manifesting projects include experiencing perspectives on all sides of a challenge. Our programs become a catalyst for understanding difference, sourcing from diversity, connecting in distinctive, imaginative uniqueness.

Empowering girls and young women is global change. The McKinsey Global Institute think-tank estimates that advancing women’s equality could add $12 trillion to global growth by 2025 (1). Building strong girls today puts more women at the table tomorrow in career, governance, and other leadership positions, re-envisioning restrictive social constructs around gender roles, and bringing new ideas and approaches to global problems such as terrorism, poverty, and other global challenges that can be resolved non-violently by means such as educating girls and delaying early marriage.

1. Ploumen, L. October 11, 2017. “Dutch Minister Lilianne Ploumen: Why I Stood Up for Adolescent Girls.” Financial Times. Retrieved from https://www.ft.com/content/3d1d8472-a764-11e7-ab55-27219df83c97

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